Olive Types Grown by Owens Creek


The nine separate olive varieties currently being grown by Owens Creek Company are all Italian varieties, five from Tuscany and four more from Sicily. Each variety was carefully selected for the superior quality and taste of its oil. The percentage of each variety planted was calculated to produce the best possible flavor when all varieties are milled and brought together in an annual "field blend." Tuscan and Sicilian varieties are picked and milled separately and offer two contrasting flavor profiles to Owens Creek customers.

Tuscan Varieties

Leccino Tuscany, Unbria

An olive that produces a delicate and mildly fruity flavor.


Frantoio Central Italy and Tuscany

A very aromatic olive with a noticeable fruity flavor and strong aftertaste.


Moraiolo Central Italy

An olive known for its fruity flavor and slightly bitter aftertaste.


Pendolino Central Italy

Known for its highly delicate and pleasant flavor.


Ascolano Central Italy

This varietal produces large, but fragile olives that have very little bitterness and are highly valued for their very light and delicate taste.


Sicilian Varieties

Ogliarola Barese Puglia, Basilicata, Bitonto


Biancolilla Central Eastern Sicily

Red-violet colored olives that produce a very aromatic oil.


Cerasuola between Sciacca and Paceco

An extremely aromatic variety.


Nocellara Western Sicily

A large and hearty olive with very consistent texture that produces extremely light and aromatic oil.