Welcome to Owens Creek Company

Award winning olive oil produced and grown in Mariposa County, California.

Now Taking Orders for 2022 Olive Oil

We're excited to announce that our 2022 blends of our award winning extra-virgin olive oils are being bottled and prepared for shipment right as you're reading this. They're available for purchase now.

Owens Creek olive oils are pressed from California grown olives and processed within hours of being picked for maximum freshness and a difference you can taste. Our oils are available in two distinctive blends. Choose our Quartetto Classico Tuscan blend if you like a more fruity taste with a peppery finish or our Quartetto Viola Sicilian blend for a bolder and more robust flavor.

You can't go wrong either way and because we only sell our oil in bulk direct-to-you packaging, we're able to offer Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality for only $40 per half gallon (1893ml) bottle. That price includes shipping to anywhere in the USA!