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Award winning olive oil produced and grown in Mariposa County, California.

News About Our 2020 Harvest

We're pleased to announce that our 2020 harvest is in and we believe you'll find this year's oil to be as fine as the exceptional batch of olive oil we produced last year. Our production process has been refined to the point that we're able to press all of our olives within four hours from the time they were picked to produce a flavorful difference you'll be able to taste.

Choose our Quartetto Classico Tuscan blend if you prefer a fresh fruity tasting olive oil or go with the Quartetto Viola Sicilian blend for a bolder and more robust flavor. These oils from our 2020 harvest are so fresh that they haven't yet completed the certification process by the California Olive Oil Council. We're entirely confident that they'll pass so we're making them available in advance in time for holiday delivery. Orders completed by the 17th of December should arrive in time for Christmas*.

Our 2020 harvest oils are being offered in half gallon containers for a flat price of $20 each to cover shipping and handling costs. Be sure get your orders in early in our online store. Availability of this year's oils is more limited than in previous years and we expect to run out.

* - Remember it's 2020. We can ship it in time, but can't guarantee they'll arrive when they're expected to arrive.